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Lifelike sex dolls

We sell lifelike silicone sex dolls with metal skeleton. Many of our customers ask us if they really are FULLY silicone sex dolls.

Answer: YES.

Only real silicone sex dolls, no inflatable, no plush, no water-fillable dolls. Etc.

We only have sex dolls made from real medical silicone with a metal skeleton in our range.

Why with a metal skeleton? Because the doll can only be positioned with a metal skeleton. If there is no metal skeleton in it, the doll cannot be positioned. It falls like a sack of flour.

There are many dubious traders on the Internet. They have beautiful photos, sometimes even of real models, which are then edited, people buy and are disappointed. Not with us!

Silicone sex dolls

What are sex dolls exactly and what do you have to look out for when buying?

Which man doesn't know: “Today I have a headache, honey”, “I'm tired baby”, ... Or you just don't have anyone for lovemaking at the moment? For those who still don't want to do without sex, there are lifelike sex dolls. And these skeleton silicone sex dolls have nothing in common with the inflatable dolls that used to be a gag on teenage birthdays. The real sex dolls of the present time are beautiful women with great curves and beautiful faces. Of course you can also buy the inflatable dolls, but you won't have any fun with them. Sex with silicone sex dolls, you can have fun like with a real woman. You can dress the silicone doll, buy her shoes and beautiful underwear. Thanks to the skeleton, you can position the doll, sit down, lie down, or position it doggy style from behind. It feels real and good, and you will forget the difference in your ecstasy.

Our goal here is to import affordable but high quality dolls for you and to offer them here. If you want a deceptively realistic, lifelike love doll, you will find it with us. However, such dolls are significantly more expensive to buy. The inflatable dolls range from 80 to 150 or more. Our real dolls cost from about 800.- for a size from about 140 cm.

If it will be your first silicone sex doll, stay on this page. you will find it here!
Are you a woman looking for something for yourself? The sex doll for women is also available here!




Why are RealDolls so popular?

The reasons for the enormous success and the great demand for lifelike sex dolls lies in the authenticity of their appearance. Weight is also important. An inflatable doll weighs 1-3 kilos. Can you imagine having sex with a balloon? We neither. Our fooled real sex dolls weigh around 10-20 kilos or more with a height of 140 cm or more. You can feel something when she is lying on you.

The look is simply breathtakingly beautiful. Realistic sex dolls made of silicone with Sketelet enable every man to get a woman into bed who normally plays outside his league. Everyone can create their dream woman here. Any dimensions are possible. How often do you come across a woman with absolute tomasses during the day? And then does she want to have sex with you too? That probably happens rarely. Sex dolls want to have sex with you. They want to be used. Sex dolls serve one purpose alone: ​​to please you. Whenever you want, wherever you want, however you want it. Silicone sex dolls feel very realistic due to new high-tech materials. Of course, as with every product, there are enormous differences in quality, but you can get a very good friend for little money.


Differentiation between luxury and normal silicone dolls?


So-called luxury sex dolls (lifelike) start at around 1000 francs and the price range is almost not closed for a "silicone doll". These silicone dolls are as close to interpersonal love play as possible in their workmanship and the feeling during sex. Sure, that's a lot of money, but a longer-term investment to have sex with love dolls can be worth it. Especially if you plan to use the Real Dolls several times a week or even every day, this is an investment that you should think about. If you were to invest the money in a real woman, who knows if you would have sex every day ...

Here we have selected a luxury real doll for you, which is a stunning beauty.


Price of a love doll?


Recommendations for silicone dolls start at less than 100 francs and are therefore well below the price level for luxury sex dolls. Of course, you can't expect the same level of detail then, but these sex dolls will also completely satisfy you! Regardless of whether you take the silicone doll vaginally or anally or let yourself be pampered by it orally, the inside of the silicone dolls is so well made that it feels like real sex. This is no comparison to masturbating with a pocket pussy or a masturbator. Sexdolls, that's real sex with a female body. In the overview you can see the individual models and their prices. If you want to buy a realistic sex doll, this comparison is particularly worthwhile!


Quality of the rubber dolls?


Already mentioned above: Some people still have the idea that sex dolls are made of plastic and are inflated with the mouth. You don't really want to put your favorite body part in there. The new silicone dolls are made of TPR material or cyberskin, which come very close to real skin properties. The high-tech material of the lifelike rubber dolls is skin-friendly and, in combination with lubricant, offers an incredibly realistic feeling. A silicone doll is excellently made from head to toe and offers fun and safety.


Hygiene from a silicone doll?


As with any sex toy, hygiene is very important with silicone sex dolls. Since you must of course use lubricant gel for sex with the silicone dolls, you should clean them after use. Depending on whether you came to the real Sex Doll, whether you used a condom, or whether you came on the Real Dolls, the level of cleaning required varies. In general, a thorough cleansing should be done after each time you have sex so that you can start again next time. Warm water and a little soap should be used for this. Special detergents made specifically for sex toys are best. These are very cheap to buy and clean extremely hygienically. The use of antibacterial spray on the silicone doll also makes sense every now and then to prevent the transmission of bacteria.


Use of sex dolls?


When using lifelike love dolls, all you can say is: do what you want. Let your imagination run wild. Take your silicone doll the way you want. The sex doll goes along with everything, she never complains. Many silicone dolls have more than one opening. Often you can delight the sex dolls vaginally as well as anally. It is up to you whether you switch from one hole to the other during sex with the doll, or whether you want to switch positions. It's all about your fun, your orgasm, and your fantasies. Let off steam with, on, and under the silicone doll. Have you always wanted to have anal sex? This is your chance. The RealSexDoll won't say no ...


Benefits of sex dolls?


The advantages of a lifelike rubber doll are clear. The Real SexDolls always feel like it, the Sexdoll does not matter whether you have brushed your teeth, and the Love Doll is nothing too dirty, nothing too disgusting, and nothing hurts. You buy them once, and you don't have to take them out to dinner, you don't have to cuddle with her or watch a romantic movie after sex with a doll. You're not in a relationship, you just have sex. And when you get to know another woman, the silicone sex doll is not jealous and does not cause any drama. Maybe the silicone doll does a 3 with ...

· The other big advantage of lifelike love dolls is the interchangeability. Do you fancy a stupid love doll? No problem. Tomorrow a brunette, hot Latina, that is also possible. And the third time you use a black real doll. None of the three will be jealous, none of the three women will question or condemn them.

· With lifelike sex dolls you have the opportunity to try everything you want. You can perform positions that you would not dare to do with a real woman. You can discover the anal love game for yourself. And best of all, you don't have to ask for permission. Do whatever you want. Do what turns you on. You always wanted to do one thing, but never dared ask a woman? Perfect, don't ask here, do it here, and no one will judge you for it, no one will look at you obliquely. Shame is a feeling that you will not encounter with a sex doll. Sex with sex dolls is different from sex with a woman. Here you are in the center of the action!

But the best thing about sex dolls is that every man, no matter how he looks, no matter how shy he is, and no matter whether he grooms himself, whether he can talk to women or something similar, every man gets sex with an absolute grenade down. Beautiful full breasts, an amazing waist and an ass to kneel down ... Don't dream about it any longer! Have sex with your dream woman from tomorrow. Or with several dream women. Do you like double D breasts, but only ever have partners with small A cups? Then a sex doll is just right for you! Or do you want to put your best piece in a well-trained little butt? This fantasy also comes true with the silicone sex doll!


Openings of the silicone doll?


Like a real woman, silicone sex dolls have 3 openings with which you can have sex with the doll. Vaginal, anal, oral. Most silicone sex dolls focus on the woman's body and do not have a head. Breasts, abdomen and vagina. The good love dolls also have an anal entrance. This in no way creates a long while. Sex is possible in both holes of the Love Doll. Of course, several positions are also possible with a lifelike rubber doll. From doggy style to missionary position, take your personal silicone sex doll just as you imagine it!


Penis size for sex with a silicone sex doll?


When we ask whether there is a minimum size to use such a real sex doll? If you're not that well equipped, that's probably what you're worrying about. You can safely forget this question. With the highly modern sex dolls, the vaginal and anal entrance is designed like a real woman so that the material adapts to the size. So you can feel sufficient friction even with a small penis. And here comes another advantage of silicone sex dolls for humans: You don't care how well or less well equipped you are. Isn't your penis the biggest? It doesn't matter, this is not about the sex doll's orgasm, but yours! Nobody chats, nobody giggles! Don't worry, the real sex doll won't judge.

Or is your penis extremely large or long? That is also no problem. The sex doll knows no pain. Here you can penetrate as often and deeply as you want. The material is very elastic and penetration should not be a problem. With silicone love dolls every man has his fun, no matter if big or small, fat or thin!

A silicone doll is always there when you need someone

Nothing against women. You are wonderful. But sometimes it just happens that they are, perfectly human, in a bad mood and want to take it out on you. Of course, then she doesn't want sex. Often the coexistence between a man and a woman is simply very difficult in the long run because there are different interests and different priorities are set in a relationship. This will not happen with your personal love doll. Your lifelike silicone sex doll is not just something to look at, it is always there when you need it. Your only wish is to make you happy!

The sex dolls were much better known in the past than they are today. However, the love dolls are currently experiencing a remarkable comeback worldwide and also in Switzerland. This is mainly due to the quality, which has changed extremely significantly in recent years. In the past, rubber dolls were often referred to as a sailor's bride or something similar for fun and were made of a similar material to air mattresses, but today these are incredibly good in terms of workmanship, look and feel. Incidentally, Love Dolls have their origins in Japan, where they were manufactured by Orient Industry at the end of the 20th century. A lot has changed at Real Dolls since then. The movements of the silicone dolls are lifelike thanks to the skeleton, the bodies are beautiful, and the faces can hardly be made better. The Japanese rubber doll has nothing to do with the rubber dolls of that time.

Of course, the luxury sex dolls primarily have a purpose to sexually satisfy their owner. And that at any time of the day or night, whenever the man wants. She has no headache, she has no stomachache, and she always feels like it when you feel like it. She will not contradict you, she has no desires or goals of her own. She is so much more than just a masturbator that is only there for her sexual satisfaction. You can dress and make up your luxury sex doll, watch your TV or cuddle with her at night. Of course, the super realistic silicone dolls cost a lot of money, but a real girlfriend or wife does that too. The sex dolls are now so realistic that you no longer have to hide them or the like, but can also be placed in the apartment as an eye-catcher. Nobody will think that this decoration serves as a sex partner at night ...

Some specimens have a whole body with a head. These real dolls are processed extremely realistically and cost a lot of money. They have a vaginal and an anal entrance for penetration. You can also indulge yourself orally with them. These luxury sex dolls have a realistic weight and lifelike motor skills, so that sex with them feels like with a real woman.

We do not offer the significantly cheaper inflatable variants. They are not lifelike, as they often only exist or depict a part of the female body. For example, only the legs, so that pleasure from behind is possible. But the materials used make sex with these sex dolls feel as realistic as can be. Often these rubber dolls have one or two openings that can be penetrated.

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